Shree Shyam School

Shree Shyam School builds future of your children by imparting knowledge to them through Playway method of teaching. The learning process is very easy, interesting and absorbing. It is a unique method in which children’s attention is never distracted from learning. It is the best method of imparting education to the children in the beginning.
The teaching method is full of fun for the children. They never feel attending their class burdensome. The atmosphere in the school encourages children’s learning at every step.
We have taken initiatives in the pre-school segment. We provide excellent facilities with the main objective of shaping and building the future of the children bright not only in education but also in all walks of life. The school has sprawling campus with all facilities for recreation. keeping this in the mind we have designed the curriculum in such a manner which helps out the children to develop their listening skills with the happenings they are surrounded.

Our Vision

To create a happy learner who will be inspired to innovate and contribute to the global community.

Our Mission

Providing stimulating and challenging learning experiences through empowered facilitators in a sustainable environment.

Our Value

Offering opportunities to young minds to innovate & inspire throughand create a talent pool for a globally conscious forerunners.

Our Facilities

To promote core human values and practice inclusivity and service through academic
and socially relevant programmes, engaging all stakeholders.

Qualified Teachers

Our learning center with trained, experienced, and sensitive special educators.The learning process is very easy, interesting and absorbing.

Smart Classroom

All our classrooms are equipped with E-Boards and Audio-Visual aids for 21st century learning teaching and learning.


Sports provide children with a chance to work together in teams, which helps them develop skills such as leadership, teamwork.

Library System

Libraries in all our campuses contain books, CD-ROMs, DVDs that cover a spectrum of subjects and satisfies the students’ urge to learn.


Our education model is ingeniously designed to suit each individual student’s academic strengths and weaknesses, with optimal pace of learning.

Medical Facility

Our caring teachers devote themselves to our students and their needs every day; while also being their guardian, mentor and friend.

What Parents Says About Us

Shree Shyam School builds future of your children by imparting knowledge to them through Public way method of teaching.